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Screaming O

Screaming O RingO2 Cock And Ball Ring

The super stretchy RingO, now with a second ring to lasso the testicles. The rings stretch to fit almost all sizes and fit firmly, without constricting you too much. The snug rings keep you harder for longer and can make orgasms more intense.

Screaming O O Hare Rechargeable Rabbit Cock Ring

A unique rechargeable double cock ring shaped like the iconic sex toy enjoyed and adored by women around the world. This rabbit cock ring hybrid is a win for both parties. Its flexible ears tingle and buzz all the way to their tips for targeted clitoral massage and its double ring design helps keep everything snug and in place. Included, USB charger, 10 penetrating vibration functions, 60 minut...

Screaming O PoP Clitoral Vibe Strawberry

Give the wrist a rest with the PoP Vibe in pink Strawberry. This powerful vibrator is perfectly designed for clitoral stimulation and fits comfortably in the hand. Its sleek curve is just what you need to hit that sweet spot. This unique vibe comes with a silky smooth silicone cap and a powerful motor in the head with four wild speeds and one pulse mode. Easy to use one touch controls so you ca...

Screaming O FingO Rechargeable Finger Vibrator

Enjoy pleasure at your fingertips with the Charged FingO. With raised ticklers for added sensation, this powerful mini vibe is an ingenious pleasure giving item. Compact and portable, its the perfect travel companion and discrete enough to enjoy in almost any sex position. Included USB charger, 10 penetrating vibration functions, 60 minutes of pleasure with full charge and 100 percent waterproo...

Screaming O TriO Vibrating Pleasure Cock Ring

The Tri O Pleasure Ring has taken dual motor vibrating rings to the next level by adding a Baller attachment to make sure the boys get some action too. The silicone Tri O is made of the highest quality silicone and powered by two super powered motors. The unique Baller attachment is designed to wrap around the testicles and gently stimulate him for added pleasure. The Tri O is waterproof, wirel...

Screaming O The Big O Glow Vibrating Cock Ring

Turn the lights down low and boogie on down with the Big O Glow. The Big O Glow is a one act stage show and a revelation in vibrating rings. Place the Big O Glow on the man with the vibrator and light facing out, push once for a steady mode vibrating and a steady red light that literally will light up the room. Push twice into the 9 stage pulsing mode and let the stage show begin as the light f...

Screaming O Bong O Vibrating Cock Ring

The Bong O has been designed to provide its users with maximum stimulation. The new vertical head design allows for greater contact where the girl needs it most. The unique gold pleasure Bong Ball allows for additional stimulation for both partners.

Screaming O TwoO Vibrating Cock Ring

The Two O is just like the award winning, top selling Screaming O vibrating ring, but with an extra enhanced motor designed to double the pleasure for mutual enjoyment. The popular Screaming O ring has one vibrator to be worn on the top for her but the Two O improves mutual pleasure by adding another vibrator for him. What really makes this ring amazing is the Screaming Os trademark pleasure kn...

Screaming O Honey Finger Vibrator

Simply rest your hand on your stomach and attach the end ring to your pinky finger. By keeping the O shaped honey pot in constant contact with the labia, the O Honeys unique ribbed design will create bee hive like vibrations so intense youll be screaming O Honey Disposable Fun

Screaming O Ring O Cock Ring

The Ring Os are made of a hygienically superior silicone material and are designed to produce fuller, firmer erections and help control premature ejaculations. This is in turn leads to a very intense orgasm for him and a more overall satisfying sexual experience for both. The unique quality of the Ringo Os is that they have just the right amount of stretch to offer a snug yet comfortable fit. O...

Screaming O Octopus Vibrating Stimulator

The Screaming Octopus mini vibrating waterproof sex toy is adorable at first glance but dont let its cute outer body detract from its tingling, intensely sensual ticklers. This little wonder produces the most intense vibrations at the tips of its eight tiny tentacles which have to be felt to be believed. One supplied, colours will vary.

Screaming O Big O Vibrating Cock Ring

Its what everyone wants The Big Orgasm. The Screaming Os Big O is an automatically changing nine speed vibrating ring so you never know quite whats coming, you can only be sure you will be. Waterproof and with replaceable batteries, you can keep on enjoying the Big Os intense pulsating vibrations time and time again.

Screaming O Plus Vibrating Cock Ring

Taking the Screaming O to the next level. The Screaming O Plus is the Screaming Os bigger brother. With a thick strong erection band that comfortably stretches to fit all sizes for a snug fit, erections are thicker, fuller, and long lasting. the Screaming O Plus features soft vibrating pleasure bumps and extended ticklers. Disposable fun.

Screaming O Yeah Vibrating Cock Ring

This unique design is perfect for cowgirls who really want the ride of their life! Its vertical head stimulates the parts some horizontal rings cant reach for uninterrupted pleasure. The O Yeah features a removable waterproof bullet for extra fun outside of the ring. Colours will vary.

Screaming O RodeO Bucker Blue Vibrating Cockring

The Bucker, part of the Screaming O RodeO collection, lets you steer. Made from soft jelly plastic this Blue flexible cock ring is one size fits most and stretches with you instead of constricting to let you buck and grind. The innovative finger loop gives the cowgirl or boy the power to control the position and pressure of the vibe. The pleasure bead sits on top of the motor and focuses the vi...

Screaming O OJoy Cock Ring

The OJoy is the first cockring of its kind to offer incredible clitoral contact without vibration that can feel too intense for some. Its firm erection band stretches to fit all sizes and is lined with a series of pleasure dots that massage or vulva with every stroke. The OJoys ergonomically designed clitoral stimulator features rubby nubbies firm enough for direct clitoral stimulation, and a r...

Screaming O The Big O2 Vibrating Cock Ring

The Screaming O has discovered the answer to the elusive simultaneous orgasm with the BigO 2, an upgrade from the popular BigO cockring with a special 90 degree twist that gives her better clitoral contact while he rides the tingling vibrating waves from his own personal stimulator. Unlike most vibrating erection rings on the market, the BigO 2s top clitoral stimulator was thoughtfully designed...

Screaming O BangO Vibrating Cock Ring

The BangO is the ultimate vibrating pleasure ring with a sexcessory for every pleasure zone on his and her bodies Three weighted gold plated balls offer triple weighted swing action for taint and tushy tapping, while a strategically placed vertical bullet vibrator stimulates her clit with perfect precision. All the while, a super stretchy onesize erection band sends intense vibration throughout...

Screaming O LingO Tongue Vibrator

The LingO was designed to add a tingly twist to oral sex with a comfortable, safe and effective design. Worn at the base of the tongue with the bullet at the top, your mouth becomes a human vibrator, and with little to no movement necessary you can bring your partner to orgasm in minutes and with a powerful motor that lasts more than 40 minutes, the LingO easily stimulates all pleasure zones, c...

Screaming O Vooom Rechargeable Bullet

A powerful, portable bullet vibe equipped with a 10 function motor. The Charged range has upgraded from a buzzing motor to a deeper, rumbling motor for a dramatically different sensation. As an upgraded version of the original Vooom, the Charged Vooom is compatible with most existing bullet holding Screaming O products and will give them an intense power boost.Included, USB charger, 10 penetrat...

Screaming O BOB Battery Operated Boyfriend Vibrator

Looking for a boyfriend? Meet OBOB your dream guy. This new vibrator from Screaming O is here for all those lonely hearts. Hell always look after your needs with a thoughtful 100% smooth silicone head that has three speeds plus one pulse mode. Hes super flexible with a bendable neck for targeted stimulation. Wireless and waterproof hes there for you wherever you need him, including the bath. A ...

Screaming O Positive Rechargeable Mini Vibrator

The Charged Positive offers a massive 20 functions of deep, rumbling, penetrating vibration. The angled tip makes it easy to pinpoint pleasure with precision and the accompanied finger cradle provides a comfortable grip for versatile play. Included, USB charger, 20 penetrating vibration functions, 60 minutes of pleasure with full charge and 100 percent waterproof

Screaming O Yoga Rechargeable Reversible Cock Ring

A versatile vibrating ring designed to bend and stretch along with your every intimate move. Charged Yoga is a great option for beginner cock ring users and fans of versatility. The dual loop is designed for either finger vibe button control or as a double cock ring for increased intensity. Included, USB charger, 10 penetrating vibration functions, 60 minutes of pleasure with full charge and 10...

Screaming O O Wow Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

This super powered cock ring features a new deep rumbling motor that can be felt in its true intensity by both partners. Featuring raised ticklers for enhanced pleasure. Included, USB charger, 10 penetrating vibration functions, 60 minutes of pleasure with full charge and 100 percent waterproof

Screaming O RingO Pro LG Red Cock Ring

A premium cock ring made of True Silicone, body safe and lab tested. A seamless and super stretchy ring that fits most and fits firmly without constricting. This pro ring stays stronger for longer, for a secure and pleasurable experience every time. Cock rings keep you harder for longer and can make orgasms more intense.

Screaming O O Wow Double Whammy Vibrating Cock Ring

The OWow Double Whammy is a double ended superpowered cockring with two motors that work together to give couples the dual action Whammy Effect. A super powered bullet vibrator sits at the top for her pleasure with another at the bottom for his naughty bits, and powered together the two stimulators activate intense pleasure ticklers that turn him into a human vibrator The super stretchy erectio...

Screaming O Ovibe Strawberry Body Massager

The Screaming O Ovibe combines portability with power in an easy to hold design. The Ovibe sits comfortably in hand so it can be focused on all the bodys sweet spots. The ingeniously shaped silicone head perfectly encircles the outer erogenous zones, with a focussed nub that delivers powerful vibes. Perfect for clitoral and nipple stimulation This wireless vibe has two powerful, low pitch speed...

Screaming O RingO Pro XXL Blue Cock Ring

A premium cock ring made of True Silicone, body safe and lab tested, now even larger to fit everybody comfortably. A seamless and super stretchy ring that fits most and fits firmly without constricting. This pro ring stays stronger for longer, for a secure and pleasurable experience every time. Cock rings keep you harder for longer and can make orgasms more intense.

Screaming O SlingO Black Support Cock Ring

A unique pleasurer that puts just enough pressure on his perineum and enhances his pleasure in every sex position. The sling is made of True Silicone and fits over the base of the penis, cupping the balls. At the tip is a pleasure nub that presses against his perineum for exactly the right amount of stimulation. Latex and phthalate free.

Screaming O OHare Pink Vibrating Cock Ring

The Ohare Double vibrating ring turns him into your favorite rabbit vibe with a comfort fit erection ring and super powered 4 function motor enhanced with soft, flexible rabbit ears Excite and delight with targeted clitoral stimulation from an iconic shape she loves, and keep him harder longer with a comfort fit ring that secures the vibrating rabbit in placeFeatures,Soft and flexible rabbit ea...


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